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    Default PC Protection hints and tips

    The eBay thread reminded me of standard settings I have on my computer to help me wise up to the scams that flood through my email inbox.

    One of the tricks is to send an attachment with a name like photo.jpg.scr which is some type of script, possibly benign, probably nasty. The problem arises with Windows shipping computers to hide the "extension" if Windows knows what type of file it is. So when you see the file name all you see is photo.jpg and there's nothing wrong with a .jpg is there?

    If you want to change the setting so you always see the full file name here's what to do...
    • Right mouse click on the Start button on the left hand side of your screen
    • Left click on Explore
    • Windows Explorer has opened, it's a file management utility and very useful
    • Click on Tools on the menu drop downs, then Folder Options
    • Click on the View tab
    • Find the option for hide file types and make sure it is not ticked
    • Click OK
    The instructions may vary depending on what version of Windows you use but not greatly. It's an important change.



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