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    Default Scam bids to fleece eBayers

    Hi all,

    Please read...

    SOPHISTICATED criminals are taking aim at customers of the internet auction house eBay to skim money from their bank accounts.
    Consumers are being hit with emails, purporting to be from eBay, but which are being sent by criminals trying to rob unsuspecting victims.

    The emails tell recipients their eBay account will be suspended and they will be barred from the auction site unless they update personal details.

    The fraudulent emails also provide a link to a website where the information can be entered.

    eBay Australia trust and safety director Alastair MacGibbon said the fraud was an industry-wide problem and most internet companies with large customer lists were targets.

    He was unable to say how much money had been lost by customers through the fraud.

    To deal with the crime eBay has set up an investigation team and called on people who receive suspicious emails to send them to [email protected] for confirmation.

    The company has also advised users to keep their anti-virus software up to date, never email their online account details and to download an eBay tool bar.

    The ruthless crooks have also taken aim at Australians who give to charity, with a phony email purporting to be from the Red Cross and asking for donations for London bombing victims.

    The emails, usually sent by overseas crime syndicates, are part of identity fraud crime that costs Australia $1.1 billion annually.

    The Australian Federal Police say the internet fraud has spiralled.

    "The number of individuals who have been affected by this type of crime, and the value of the funds compromised, has increased markedly in recent years," an AFP spokeswoman said.

    The crime is being fought worldwide by the US based Anti-Phishing Working Group.

    News Source


    Free business resources - www.BusinessBlogsHub.com

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    If you use Microsoft Outlook and it's preview pane then before you click on a link just put your mouse over it and look down on the gray status bar and you'll see the actual location of the link. If what you're reading on the email doesn't match then don't click!

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    Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for the great tip. However, when I open an email, the status bar is gone, even though it's visible while I'm using the main window. I'm using Outlook 2002. Any hint?

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    In Outlook's View menu drop down there is an option to have the status bar showing...

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    I got an email from a "PayPal" today - see the attached screenshot. When I put my mouse over the link which reads


    and I'm guessing is a totally legitimate url I see a different url in my status bar


    now that looks close but if you read the domain name, that's the first part it's


    and it's just the last 2 portions that matter


    and when you strip it down to that it doesn't look anything like a paypal link does it?

    If you have any questions, just post them here and I'll do my best to explain what's going on...



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