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    Default Builder/Renovation Company Recommendations.

    Hi all. We are looking at doing a major reno on our rental. Can anyone recommend a good builder/reno company that you have used in the past or currently use for your rentals that specialise in rental properties. Also, are there any companies/builders you recommend to stay away from?(bad workmanship, or rip-offs).

    The rental is in South Auckland.


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    May I ask what the reason is for the major reno? Is it to increase rent or well over due? don't mean to pry but I wonder why or how much you are looking to spend and why. Plenty of building renovation companies out there but they don't come cheap, probably best to employ a builder to manage the process.

    "Remember, people will judge you by your actions,not your intentions.You may have a heart of gold -but so does a hard-boiled egg".

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    Maintain to profit and renovate to profit do this sort of work for investors. I have used them. Used to be husband and wife, both companies are good and both owners are investors.

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    Bit of both FH. Long overdue, and also rent increase. We've had the guys from Maintain to Profit around and hopefully he will have a quote for us over the next week or so. We've also had a builder come around (who was recommended to us) come and have a look too so hopefully we'll see his quote over the next week or so as well.

    We are also meeting with a company called Fuzo to discuss our options for a minor dwelling. So all going well we will renovate the existing house and have the minor dwelling go up at the same time.

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    I will PM you the contact of a guy I know who is a local investor, PM and renovator in the south. Very, very successful investor and they do mint reno's.

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    Thanks for that Nick. I will flick him an email.

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    Good evening guys. Can you please PM me the contact details of the renovation guys as well. I'm planning to convert a garage into a minor dwelling in south Auckland and would appreciate any useful info or advice. Thanks.

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    Renovate and convert are different. When reno can be done by anyone with random help of LBP, conversion most likely will require LBP full time plus council planning and building guys.

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    Thanks AIFa, forgive my pour wording.
    I got the resources consent and hopefully will get the building consent shortly. I'm looking for a certified builder or a small team to do the work + the CCC documentation.

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    Get all the T's crossed and I's dotted as they say...

    I just had a guy put in 15 new blocks on top of an old block wall...I asked for a quote, he told me an hourly rate would be cheaper as an easy job which would be a day or less @ $70 an hour for him and his offsider.

    Day one came and only he was there, no worries, cheaper bill.....he already had the blocks as I told him the type and size. He asked if I wanted them filled with concrete (which is a definite yes, can't say I've seen too many block walls not filled up). Seemed surprised I said yes so he said he had to go get some concrete and cement then. Odd considering he had more than a month to ask me this.
    Didn't see him again till the next day, this time with his offsider, they did it in two hours, however he didn't buy enough cement so had to go away (both of them) for an hour to get more....(there's still two blocks that are only 90% filled).
    He gave me the bill, 5 hours for day one, he was there for 3 max, I assume hour 4 was for initially getting the blocks, the other to go and pick up "supplies which he should have had anyway. Day two was for 4 hours, he said it was a 4 hour minimum charge. They were done in two (3 counting the hour they left to get more concrete)
    And he upped it to $75 an hour....I did say in the email (which I have) you said $70, he seemed bewildered.

    Bit firken cheeky if you ask me.........it was from the builderscrack site, I considered giving him the review he deserved but he did a cash job in the end so I didn't have the heart. However I have a lot more work to do so will no way be using him again....

    Anyway, despite people having good reviews, at times they can be rascals (or pricks).


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