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    Default Build in character with neighbourhood?

    I've got two options to build in this suburban Tauranga street - Edwin Grove - goo.gl/zmDdXC

    Option 1 - A weatherboard two story like this from A1 Builders - goo.gl/kodJvC - Very different from the other houses on street, but would afford a better view.
    Option 2 - Brick and Tile like this - classicbuilders.co.nz/house-plans/brooklyn/

    Any opinions, advice?


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    Build what you want.
    If it fits the rules go for it - you may up the value of the street.

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    SO Wayne, what you saying is that Option1 would actually be better/higher value than Option2?

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    my two cents:

    1, ask a local agent which one will sell better
    2, otherwise option1 looks more appealing, even though your neighbors looks like option2, its better to stand out imho

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    Option 1
    The street will change over time...


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