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    Default New 'leaky homes' standards not mandatory

    Hi all,

    News for today...

    Councils, builders and architects do not have to comply with new building standards, aimed at ending "leaky homes" problems.

    Untreated timber is still allowed to be used in internal framing in houses and in "low risk" outer walls under revised standards announced by Standards New Zealand (SNZ) and backed by the Building Industry Authority (BIA) today.

    Treatment is now required for framing external walls when that framing is behind certain cladding types, such as monolithic cladding systems.

    But the BIA's official citation of the standards did not make them mandatory.

    Designers and builders are free to deviate from the standards if they can satisfy local councils that buildings will be designed and built without being susceptible to rot.

    The BIA hoped councils would use the new standards as a benchmark, authority chairman Barry Brown said today.

    Although the BIA hoped the standards would see an end to leaky homes being built, the authority could not offer a "100 per cent guarantee", he said.

    "If buildings are well built they'll survive, if they're not (well built) there's a good chance they won't," Mr Brown said.

    Under the standards, untreated timber, such as douglas fir, can be used in walls deemed at "low risk" of leaking, such as brick veneer buildings. It can be used in low-risk floor framing, trusses and ceiling joints and interior construction.

    Read More->

    Best Regards



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