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    Default Carpet and stove cleaning costs

    Hi all, I tried searching the forum but forgive me if this has been answered before.
    I have tenants who have been in the process of moving out over the last week, who still haven't got there on cleaning up the place, with new tenants due in tomorrow.

    The carpet in the house was quite old and threadbare, but clean. They have left several large stains in different rooms, which were avoidable if cleaned promptly and their cursory clean with a rug doctor machine has not removed them.

    I was thinking of getting a commercial carpet cleaner we know to have a crack at them and charge the tenant.
    • Does this have to have the tenant's approval beforehand? They've had two goes at cleaning it with no success.
    • And if the stains are not removed, what further recourse do I have from the tenant over and above the cleaning costs, given the carpet is rather old?

    Secondly they have been cooking with a large pot on the stove and left burn/stain marks on the white enamel surface which will be impossible to remove. As the element seatings are also wearing out, etc. I was thinking of getting another second hand stove, but what should I charge them for this damage?

    Any help you can offer would be gratefully accepted

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    Old and threadbare carpet - I would suspect that if they object to being charged the TT would not enforce it.

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    Do you have photographic evidence of the condition of the stove on the day the tenancy commenced?


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