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    Quote Originally Posted by drelly View Post
    So you couldn't find anything false in that article and you're having a rant about it being anti-trump?

    Suuuuure... we can tell by all the leaks out of the White House, the way the security services are totally behind him and how the military are leaking details of his tactical f*ck-up that killed a heap of civilians and one of his own Seals.

    No problem... let's compare photos at the same time then... http://www.reuters.com/article/us-us...-idUSKBN1572VU
    Edit: The Trump Swearing in ceremony was scheduled for 11.30am EST - (SOURCE) actually happening about noon (SOURCE) and the 2009 Obama swearing in was around noon - (SOURCE)


    Well we know CNN lied about Hillarys crowd attendance - very small compared to Trumps - as they also did regarding the pre-election opinion poll results constantly broadcasting lies saying Trump didn't have a chance winning the election. Summing it up regarding the crowd size Dave, again CNN took these pictures around 8am when they did the crowd comparison to Obama's. Take a squiz:



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