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    Post How to Manage Your Time

    Many of us are not able to push our productivity efforts to the limit. We know we still have something to show and give in terms of our work but time always seems to run so fast. At the end of the day, we are left with a lot more on our plate than what we have hoped for.

    Westhill Consulting & Employment, a well-established online source for the best and the most suitable career tips have this list of pointers on how you can manage your time wisely:

    1. Know Your Priorities
    You should know which ones are your top priority and the most important thing to finish first considering the given time frame of your task. If something looks like it will take less than two minutes – get it done straight away. But do not allow the smaller issues to delay working out the big problems, which will only get bigger while you spend time sorting out the smaller ones.

    2. Plan Productively
    Use the most productive time of the day to your advantage. In a survey conducted to one of our partner companies in Jakarta, Indonesia, many employees consider the morning right after they arrived as the best time to work but there are also some people who would need to organize their thoughts first before they can dig in. Concentration level can change on the different times of the day. Decide when you feel most productive and use this time to tackle the big tasks.

    3. Don’t Be Afraid to Delegate
    It is not possible to do everything on your own. That is why there are different members of people in your team. You shouldn’t be thinking of their complaints especially if you are in the position to give them their designated task. First decide if a set task can only be achieved by you; if not, transfer it to someone who is equally capable.

    4. Keep Notes
    Notes can keep you organize. At the end of your day, you can list the things you need to do the next day so as not to forget anything. The next day, you can just review it and follow the written outline. It would also be advantageous on unexpected leaves. The note that you have written can inform your colleagues in case they would have to do your pending tasks.

    5. Find Time for yourself
    Even the most organized worker can find their train of thought interrupted by well-meaning colleagues. If you are being bombarded with calls, e-mails and questions, make it clear to your colleagues that you are going to step out and deal with your own material before you can become distracted. This is perfectly OK and many companies have formal leave to grant “Me Time” to employees.

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    thanks for the article

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    It's a very informative article. It has been always hard for me to manage my time. I read so many articles, watched a lot of videos but still, there is some difficulties


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