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    Post To Do’s in Indonesia

    If you have happened to read our previous articles, you may have noticed that Indonesia is one of our most favorite places. Well, it shouldn’t be that surprising since we really find the archipelago of 17,000 islands a source of thousands of fun, literally.

    We will not be disappointing you. This time, Westhill Consulting Travel and Tours gathered the top things that you need to do in Indonesia.

    Surprising at it might sound, unknown to many travelers, there are actually many things to do in Indonesia, and some of them are unique to only in Indonesia. Be it from swimming in the largest natural volcanic lake to shopping in one of the major cities in Asia to immersing in culture and histories and having adventure and activities on sea to something different like sitting the becak around soaking in the environment. Indonesia is the place for every independent traveler, promising many experiences and adventures to those who seek them.

    Shop and Bargain

    Indonesia is known to be one of the most go-to place when it comes to shopping and if you are in Asia, it is usual to bargain. You may find from international brands in the big shiny malls of Jakarta to affordable and cheap bargains in the markets and smaller malls. Just be careful of pick pocketers though. We are always warning our readers that such fraudulent acts are also being done in the city.


    Use one of the becak (trishaw) in cities like Yogyakarta or Malang, and just let it take you around the city in style. It can wind through narrow streets and let you immerse in the environment better. With wind in your face, you feel the place and let sights and smells sink in from all corners of the city.

    Learn About History and Culture

    Indonesia itself host two of the most beautiful ancient wonders in the proximity of Yogyakarta – the famous Borobudur temple and the revered Prambanan temple. Be wow by the well preserved remains of the two great kingdoms of two very different religions – Buddhism and Hinduism and then look around you to find that currently the majority of the people here is Muslim. Now this is the epitome of religions and cultures experience.


    Indonesia is widely known to have the best spa and massage centers in Asia. Take time to experience this. You know you deserve to relax and take a slow time.


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