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    Default Car port installed today (with pictures)

    Hi guys,

    The sales man uniport said this carport will add 10-15k in the house value.

    It cost me $3,995 including installation. It is 5.1 x 3.0 meter.

    Just looking at the picture does it suit the house? does it add value to the house?

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    Jul 2012
    Tavua, Fiji


    Hard to tell with the supports propping it up but it's pretty ugly. Why didn't you butt it up to the fascia?

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    They wouldn't let me go higher.

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    Jul 2012
    Tavua, Fiji


    Who is they?

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    I like it, elegant design, functional and it isn't too dominating and very cost effective.

    what are the plastic wrappings covering at the left post support?

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    Dec 2007


    Yes, it looks good, sympathetic colours and a good size.

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    Will this add value to the house? It only cost me $4k cash.

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    Aug 2014


    What is the roof material?

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    polycarbonate roofs help protect people and property by cutting 99% of harmful UV rays. polycarbonate is 250 x stronger than glass, giving you total peace of mind of safety.

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    I thought that any structure has to be 1M away from the boundary ? In this case it does not appear so. I was told this by council when i wanted to place a freestanding carport close to the boundary. I had a carport similar to yours except freestanding. I think your carport looks good and is a good use of space allowing natural light through too ,an added bonus.


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