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Thread: kio ra

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    Default kio ra

    hi there, have been following the newsletters and thought I should have been in the forum as well.

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    Kia ora... are you an Investor?

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    Default Ideas for first timer Investors

    Ok Im new at the P.I game. But have been doing a lot of research. Because I'm the only income provider with two babies and a wife. I'm looking at saving 20k to buy me a home cabin (40k) to build on the in-laws property as their house is too small for us to move in to. But the property area is huge you can fit two 4 bedroom houses on it. The personal Loan weekly repayments of $91 will give me a chance to save more money towards a deposit for my first property as I'm paying $260 for rent. I should have my first property in 2 years from today. Looking at buying below market value, renovate, find tenants. Any suggestion?


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