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    Default Selling a Body Corp Unit: how to best present proactively documents & reports

    If I can purchase what I want - then I may be needing to speedily sell a Unit I live in ideally.

    It's a body corp unit(townhouse style not block style), and to sell it effectively - what info would be really good to gather together in advance?

    I mean, what can i gather that would be really reassuring for people to make a sale more likely.
    I assume people and lawyers are still a bit iffy on body corporate for a start.

    So I could gather the Body Corp documentation do you think, proactively such as AGM notes & accounts back 3 years and such?
    And what about providing the LIM? I guess the agent would advise me if that's ideal for what I imagine will be a tender.
    And what about - would it be good or useless for me to get a builders report done - because it's 1989 - early 90's and fiberboard cement cladding, not much in the way of flashings I can see around windows, and I feel like people will assume it may have issues when I feel it may have few (clearly I'd then know if there were issues if I did get a builders report, and realise that has some implications for me disclosure wise)...
    is there basically very little point me getting one as people may assume it's biased report anyway if it was good enough that I was providing it!


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    certainly get the BC minutes of the last 3 - 5 years ready

    a LIM and builders report would probably help you get more for something selling over $500,000?

    but unless it falls within the leaky building period are not really expected for a cheaper place
    have you defeated them?
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