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    Default To join or separate 25 yr-old extension

    Hi all,

    My wife and I just purchased our first house (1954 3brm) and it came with a very out of the ordinary extension to the original home. The foundations are connected and walls are connected, but roofs are separated by a very poor attempt at an internal gutter between the eves (all consented – 25yrs ago).

    We’ve had a number of builders and roofers around, they’ve suggested a butanol internal gutter is likely the best fix ($10k), with the other being a completely new roof structure to tie the buildings together ($30K-40k).

    However, if we separated the two structures (remove the internal gutter) and put a deck between, making the house 2brms with a large sleep out/guest room (yet to be priced) – would this affect the value of the property adversely?

    Image: postimg.org/image/qmofomng9/
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    Off the top of my head, yes definitely. A 2 bed plus outhouse is always going to be less attractive than a 3 bed house.
    For a few hundy you can get a valuer to come look and tell you which way to go in terms of value.....

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    Why do you say it is a poor attempt at an internal guttering? Does it leak?
    An internal guttering between two pitched roofs is a very common architectural feature and is not intrinsically wrong.
    I recently put one in but made it a metre wide and used a more modern double layer product heat welded together, (Not butanol) and beneath it was an insulation board with Ply on top. similar to Fridge insulation with a very high R value


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