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    Default Who is Propertytalk.com?


    Propertytalk.com is a free and independent web site providing an environment for property investors around the world to talk about topics related to property and property investment.


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    thanks for offering this services.

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    I really appreciate you for providing us such a nice platform for discussing about real estate.

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    My friend recommend me this website and I really happy I've visited it! Thanks for your work!

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    This is nice thread regarding the property talk. This is good method to let the people know about the property investment.

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    This is such a wonderful and useful information. Thanks for sharing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marc View Post
    Please read more about us by the following the link below:

    Click here



    link seems to be down guys, thanks.

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    Thanks for letting us know - yes there is no longer a link.
    PropertyTalk Blog - property articles - About PropertyTalk

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