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    Default Easment for access via neighbour's driveway?

    Hi property folk

    I'm considering building a 2nd house on a plot of land I own in Hamilton. The tricky thing is, the access for the 2nd house would be way easier if it could come off a neighbour's driveway, from a different street. Their driveway is already just on their side of our boundary and the shared part would be 10-15m long, about half their total driveway. I can provide turning space on my side of the boundary, so that shouldn't be an issue.

    Anyone with experience negotiating something like this? How best to approach it?

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    buy the neighbors house?

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    Talk to neighbour about an easement over their drive--you might be able to offer them something in return of value which wont cost you the earth--such as resurfacing it , or a new fence or some other benefit, and of course meet all costs of setting up the easement. You may need to also offer a cash incentive.
    OR just ask how much they want to buy easement rights to use their drive

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    i wouldnt be diving anybody access over my drive way in that situation, having lived in a shared drive situation years ago never again, especially so the guy next door can make some money

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    I'd agree with jimO but it is not jimO or me you are dealing with.
    So ask - the worst they can do is turn you down.

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    honestly consider buying them out.
    You get value in driveway which makes buying and selling quickly a viable option.

    While you have it grant yourself planning consent permisions from neighbors side. Is their land subdividable as well?


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