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    Default How to fix a bent Aluminium Window frame


    This is my first ever post. We have 2 IPs, and after the last tenant moved out of one, there was a fair bit of damage to fix.

    One of the things needing repair is on the bottom of an opening aluminium window. Just behind one of the handles, the frame has been bent inwards (i.e. towards the centre of the room) away from the glass. Now when the window is shut, there is a gap between the frame & glass, and outside air is coming in. Also, the window frame doesn't seal tight, so isn't too secure.

    I have tried applying pressure with clamps, but no change.

    Any ideas how to DIY fix this??


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    Hi saharr

    I dont do much DIY but the specialist company for window applications is Exceed Window Maintenance, ph 0800 252500 (they have reps around the country).

    I had problems recently with a ranch slider (ranch slider is about 35 years old); a good builder spent about 3 hours trying to repair sliding mechanism - with no joy.
    Exceed Window Maintenance fixed within an hour.

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    Try a block of wood against the bend and a careful whack with a hammer to the wood.

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    Make sure you take the glass out first.

    Personally... If I had to ask how it was done I would not DIY it. Pay someone.. If a professional takes an hour and charges $60 and the builder above works on it for 3 hrs and can't get it sorted...

    How valuable is your time?

    You could end up stuffing it up completely and then need to buy a new window.

    Have you called your insurance company?

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    Thanks. I ended up contacting Exceed, as we also needed a new ranchslider lock/handle. The guy went out there the next day, and although the frame is unable to be fixed (he had warned me of this on the phone firstly), he says he has reattached the handle & is all now secure. I'm off there tomorrow so I'll see how good it is.

    Total cost was pretty reasonable too, & he was flexible with the arrangements for me to drop the key off to him really early in the morning. Seems great so far!



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