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    Get a dog, get a woman
    Tried both of these but the air kept leaking out of them. Any more suggestions.
    Gimme $20k. You will receive some well packaged generic advice that will put you on the road to riches beyond your wildest dreams ...yeah right!

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    Julian said:

    Tried both of these but the air kept leaking out of them.
    Liquid bandaid......

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    auckland New Zealand


    Underwater to identify the leaks??

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    Obviously we are not going to get feedback from the horses mouth.
    I understand that Phil and Dave started RM one or two years after attending Brad's school. I think they went in 99 or 2000 atleast sometime around then.
    These guys are true Entreprenuers as they saw a whole in the market and filled it.
    So far as deals before they started RM, I don't believe they had done a huge amount but this can neither be confirmed nor denied and I'll put all the tea in china on the fact it never will.
    I would expect they have a lot of real estate now given, if you've got lots of excess cash - Where do you put it?
    I think you'll find that these guys are very good at what they do - selling products and courses.
    I personally model those that made their money in real estate first and information marketing second - each to their own.

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    Default .


    Thank you for your opinion and speculation. The very reason we have set up the chat session on Thursday is to dispell the myths, rumours and misinformation.

    The value of Richmastery education is evidenced in the lives of those who have attended our courses and the results they have banked. This has been well documented, from Ron Hoy Fong, to Jane and Jonelle, to the 45 investors in our book and ebook: How to get Rich Rewards in Real Estate in 3 years and the many many success stories on our forum and this one.

    There are enough tall poppy bashers out there, please don't become another one.

    If you don't want to attend one of our events, we respect that, but please, please don't knock it until you have tried it. Its always much easier to destroy than it is to create. Be open enough to look at the good in people rather than sarcastic and criticise.

    The success of our business is not based on marketing but the fundemental quality of our products and service.

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    Default Re: .

    Quote Originally Posted by Richmastery
    Richmastery Please can you share with us who you are? Your real name would be appreciated at bottom of posts.

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    No Whitt, they don't have to reveal who they are if they don't want too, any more than I or you do.

    I think that the anonymous posting by some obviously very experienced investors helps these forums by allowing them to post without being bombarded with questions and, more particularly, criticisms.

    Those who wish to reveal their true identities do so for their own reasons - it not up to forumites to ask posters to do so.


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    Default I never thought I would say this but here goes,

    Paul34 wrote
    1) When did Phil start (year) and what was the first place he brought.
    2) Since then to know how many properties has he brought, sold and what is his average yield.
    3) Current holding now and how are deposits funded.
    4) How many properties has he bought over the past 2 years, where and what sort of yield.
    5) How often does he change his socks
    I never thought I would say this but here goes,

    Some of you need to Lighten up on Phil.

    What on Earth makes you think you have the right to demand he spills his guts in realtime cyberwhatever, for the whole world to see. Whatever he says he will be shot down by someone.

    Go ask Fay, Richwhite or Hart see their reaction.

    The stories you see on this site are a gift from the authors, not yours to demand.
    (I personally found the Chris Ashenden story so inspiring I made it into a book-- thank you Chris)

    Do your research, do one of their short courses, read their books.

    Then make up your mind.
    GO, don't GO, your choice.

    I am definitely not pro Richmastery, but recognise the good they appear to have done for many punters.

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    When people hold themselves up as having something to sell they should put all their cards on the table. They should say what they have done and how they have achieved it.

    It is not about the tall poppy syndrome. It is about credibility.

    Richmastery are always holding up examples of success stories that have been through their academy, but is that the full picture? What is the average wealth improvement of all attendies attributable to ESC?

    Incidentally, I have attended their 3-day academy. I also asked for a full refund as I did not feel it offerred value for money for me. That is not to say it wouldn't have been good value for others - but for me I felt it didn't offer much. Most of the information I was familiar with, the games I found futile, and the loud music was a physical assault on my eardrums.

    I did not receive the refund. Mind you, I did not bother asking for the refund until some months after attending as I did not think I would get it, anyway. It was only when someone prompted me that I thought, "What the hell have I got to lose except a bit of time". I lost the bit of time.

    On the other hand, when I had a DVD set (Ron Hoy Fong's) stolen out of my car Phil Jones provided a free replacement set, and for this I am grateful.

    I don't have anything against ESC or Phil Jones, but I do feel that people have a right to ask the sort of questions that forumites have forwarded here. Phil Jones is within his rights not to respond if he so choses, and others can draw whatever conclusions from this that they wish.

    Certainly I wouldn't advocate an attack style of questioning, but questions that can give a better understanding of the company and the person behind the company are not, in my humble opinion, unreasonable.

    Dean Leftus and a few others sing the praises of the ESC academy, and my comments here are no way intended to discredit their opinions, but merely to provide a bit of contrast and balance.

    Gimme $20k. You will receive some well packaged generic advice that will put you on the road to riches beyond your wildest dreams ...yeah right!

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    I don't buy this "right to privacy" thing... no matter who you are or what field you're in, if you stand up and say "pay me for my advice", then you've lost the right to keep your story secret.


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