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Thread: Domain names

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    Default Domain names

    Any advice about the new extensions? Having a look at this http://www.1and1.co.uk/register-a-domain-name it seems there are a lot of new ones out there. Is there much difference between them and .com? Does .com look more 'professional'. I'm wondering which is better, having my first choice of name but with a lesser known extension or using hyphens/numbers etc but with a lesser known extension. Does it make a difference?

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    The best domain names are a name that is what people are searching for. e.g. all the real estate companies use their brands but if one was clever they would find out what people search with e.g. houses for sale Nelson. then use the domain name www.housesforsalenelson..nz It would rank easily although you still have to ensure content and on page SEO is good.

    As to .co; .nz.info etc, if you want the website to work well all round the world .com is good but if only England then .uk or.co.uk or such.

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    Thanks for that, Viking


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