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    Default Tenant Interfering with work being done at property

    I am a contractor doing work at a tenanted property and the tenant has twice not listened to instructions and spoiled the finish on a kitchen bench. The last time has resulted in finger marks through the finish and water being put onto the uncured finish. I have sanded the area back again but have left it at that until someone agrees to pay for the extra work. The tenant is in defensive mode although I have photos to prove the damage. The rental manager is suggesting Mediation and is with holding payment. All I can see is I am going to end up way out of pocket. Does anyone have any suggestions that could help me with this? I am a new business and have talked to the product suppliers and they are backing me fully on this.
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    thell the rental manager you want paid if full before you go back

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimO View Post
    thell the rental manager you want paid if full before you go back
    The Rental Manager has refused at this stage as she does not want to battle with this tenant. He is a real difficult character.

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    Walk away. Look to your contract with the rental manager. Document you access problems to him and the damage done.

    Consider, can you live without him? Look to the total loss scenario and wander off to the disputes tribunal.

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    Couple of questions:

    - Why on earth was the PM getting a kitchen bench refinished with a tenant in place, esp a difficult one. The kitchen bench is probably the most used surface in the property,
    - What sort of mediation is the PM talking about, and what outcome is the PM after? Is it mediation with the Tenancy Tribunal? If so the PM may be looking to recover costs from the tenant and that is not your problem. You are not a party to the contract between PM and tenant, so the PM may want you just as a witness (more cost to you to take time off). Ask some questions, mention the Disputes Tribunal ...

    As Keys said, your remedy is via the Disputes Tribunal but bear in mind you need a clear dispute not just an unpaid bill. To me it looks like the dispute is actually between PM and tenant.

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