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    Default High Return on Investment in Phuket

    To invest money on Real Estate Business can get Hight Return on Investment?

    Yes!!! But how?

    To invest money on buying property can make an unbelievable profit to investor but you need to find a right location and good project to invest.

    Such as near the beach or near facility. In Phuket Island, there are lots of foreigners who buy property both for resales and for holidays home, so it can be your holiday home when you come to relax and it can also earn money when you back home as well. It's Cool !!!.

    To invest in Phuket in term of property, what you have to know?
    1) Freehold, foreigners can own freehold for apartment or condominium only in the ratio of 49/51, means foreigners can own 49% of the total area of the building area and 51% should be leasehold. (Freehold means the property is under your name forever)
    2) Leasehold, foreigners can own property for 30 years and can be extended to 90 years by renew every 30 years. For this one foreigners can own for the land.

    For more information and question you can ask me and the above just the basic thing that you have to know for invest money in Property in Thailand.

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    I am going to visit Thailand. This time only Phuket. I am very interested to see those business opportunities.


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