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    Default Hamilton Investment properties help

    Hi all,

    I had recently came across to a company called Assured property and they specialises in building small (studio, 1 or 2 bedroom) flats in melville or near the university area.

    Just wonder if those blocks are good, they claim a property with 4 studios with price tag of 495k will get a return of 800pw gross.

    Not really sure if it's overpriced for the sort of property it is? Wanting to hear some feedbacks from LLs who live or invested in Hamilton... Thanks

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    Hi Newbie,

    With any deal or Company you need to do your own research.

    If you are buying new or privately I would always suggest;

    - getting your own independent valuation to confirm the value. This means not using the developers valuation

    - getting your own independent rental appraisel to confirm the rent. If it is a rent by room, also get a rental appraisel for just normal rent and the property managers opinion on rent by room, how easy to rent, can this continue long term?

    These two items will then help you confirm whether the value and rent are realistic. Without getting these two things done, its a bit hard to guess if the property is good/bad or otherwise.

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    One of my sons was in one near the Uni.
    Paid $150/wk in a 4brm so $600/week total.
    Nice place but not $800/wk.
    Sounds like a 'by the room' rental so you would have to factor in all the other costs to get a better idea on the net before tax etc.

    Basically do as Rosco suggests - do your due diligence.

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    I would echo Rosco's points, and consider that if it's students, would it be vacant for part of the year, too. Construction/developers make sure to make their profit off the front end, it's up to the investor to understand their side.


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