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Thread: Hi everyone!

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    Default Hi everyone!

    My name is Mon I grew up in New York went to college in Arizona.. got my Business degree there and then found out I still had to learn how to make money... ha ha... somehow people think college will do it... It's helpful but NOT what it takes to succeed...

    I then served a mission in Taiwan for 2 years... Worked with the wonderful people of that country... my life changed along with others.. Great experience....

    Came back to New York.. went to work for big network marketing company... Coached reps all over southwestern US... Fell in love with the industry... Decided to jump in...

    Failed for first few years... Finally able to quit my full time job in June of 09 to come home and work from home full time..

    January of 2010... got into online marketing through MLSP... Great education.... took me about 6 months to figure things out.... now business is unbelievable.

    As a matter of fact... Speaking of visualization.. I had a goal in January of this year to enroll 100 people personally into my network marketing company.. That company then went out of business... Didn't find a home until June... Between June 1 and today.. I've sponsored 90 people into my company... I'll definitely hit my goal of 100 in a year.. When I set the goal.. I thought.. WOW.. .100 in a year.. that's nearly impossible.. now... i'm seeing that i'll do it in 6 months... The mind is unbelievable!

    So... I love coaching people on how to do internet/network marketing... I'm married to a wonderful woman and we have 3 little boys.

    Thanks for taking the time to check out my profile... It's awesome to connect with other like-minded people.

    Whatever you do…. NEVER and I mean NEVER give up your dreams.

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    Hello everyone. Just joined the community and hoping to meet new friends.

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    Hello I am a new member and feeling good to be here.

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    Hi my name is Bean, I am an alcoholic....

    whooops wrong forum

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    Tavua, Fiji


    Keep looking for that higher power bean :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by kiwibean View Post
    I am an alcoholic....
    Not a very good one. You have time to post on a forum and have clearly put money towards internet and some advanced form of a communication device. I think if you are truly serious you need to up you're game.

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    looking good


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