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    Quote Originally Posted by eri View Post
    yes + no

    in as much as market movements are often more about confidence than fundamentals
    Australia is our largest trading partner so not a co incident it can have a direct or indirect impact . plus the 4 largest bank situation diesn9help if it all turns to custard

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    If there are massive price falls I will be tempted to have a pad there

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    Quote Originally Posted by jhonnydepp01 View Post
    A construction boom in central Melbourne has had industry experts talking about overproduction on the apartment stage for months and now predictions have proven true - an increasing number of units have lost value even before That they were built. Other quasi-new units resell below their last purchase price.

    Sales in a Little Collins St apartment building proved that the supply far exceeds demand. A two-bedroom unit in the CBD building originally sold off the plan in 2011 for $ 583,370 according to CoreLogic records. But just last month it, earned only $ 565,000. And falling values are not only in price ranges more affordable. An apartment of 140 m2 of three rooms at the same address, that originally sold for an impressive amount of $ 2,195 million, persisted on the market for 384 days before being unloaded for only $ 1.565 million.
    Do know if the units are showing a positive net yield yet ?

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    In Sydney the market just seems to go up although the Japanese keep investing anyway, is Melbourne on the same page?

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    sydney has limited space, great weather, lots of water and is the greater draw

    like auckland

    melbourne has much, much more space to build, poor weather, not as many beaches

    like chch
    have you defeated them?
    your demons


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