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    Default Crosslease Unit - Painting the outside without the other owner's notice?

    I drove past one of my units this morning which is a block of two (attached back to back) and noticed that the owners of the back unit have painted the outside a totally different colour to the original. Aside from the fact that the new paint colour is hideous, they also changed their carport to a garage.

    I'm not fussed about the carport being turned into a garage (although, I am sure council would care if they did so without a consent) but I am more annoyed at the fact they painted the outside of their unit such an awful colour without any notice.

    I would have assumed any changes to the exterior of the property required approval from all owners (in this case myself as the front unit owner given that there are only two blocks).

    What are my rights in this situation?

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    How you both use the house and common areas is determined by the lease agreement. What does it say?


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