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    Quote Originally Posted by Keithw View Post
    This is exactly what most people don't understand when they first get dragged into a leaky building problem.
    I note from your other thread that at the start you were convinced that your place did not have any problems, yet as it turns out there are hidden issues. Please expand on what these were.

    I wouldn't wish a leaky building problem on my worst enemy and understand what you are going through.
    Having contractors locking you out of your own home is very frustrating and can be for many reasons, from site insurance, site safety, convenience of the contractor so they don't have to supervise you, to outright control issues on behalf of the contractor or program manager.
    Having untrained personnel on a building site can be a major risk.
    However, providing you undergo site safety induction, there should be no reason that you cannot get on site in order to paint or whatever during the same work hours as the contractors. It is probably less likely that you can get on site after hours.
    Talk to the contractor / program manager. Sometimes they have to be reminded that they are dealing with peoples homes and lives, not just their building site.
    Thank you for the suggestion Keithw. I will see if I can find some way of contacting them.
    I visited the complex last week and was only then advised that the most recent end date that we had been given would not apply to me because of "power problems". The Property Manager was in a bad way and
    didn't want to talk as she was fed up with owners asking her about what was happening. She did send me an apology email the following day and told me that they may have resolved the problem by 3rd July.
    I replied asking if I would be able to access my unit on 26th June (when the tenants are being moved back to the units in my block) but she hasn't responded.

    For all their concern about safety - which I do understand, another block to which residents returned several weeks ago is a shambles, still encased with scaffolding and the carports blocked off as they have not been completed. I feel like telling the world about the contractors who are working on the building and warning everyone to steer clear of them, but perhaps they are very thorough and have done a good job for all I know.

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    When our guys run sites there are fortnightly (depending on contract, agreement etc) stakeholder meetings held - I would see if this is occurring and ask for the minutes this should hold all the information you require.

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    Thanks Maccachic. I think you are with the same company that is managing our project although in a different city, so I may be able to do just that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marief View Post
    Thanks Maccachic. I think you are with the same company that is managing our project although in a different city, so I may be able to do just that.
    Your point of contact would be your body corporate and too bad if your PM is sick of dealing with owners perhaps they should be in a different job if that is their attitude.

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    I wish they were!!!!!

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    So you have identified Prendos as the project managers who is the builder?

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    I may identify them after they have finished. I am not at all happy with their work but I could be wrong....

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    it means they are likely 1 of only 6 builders who specialize is making these jobs big...I mean specialize in these big jobs....

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    Correct on the first comment - makes these jobs big!! Perhaps even specializes in making them big


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