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    Sep 2014
    London, UK

    Cool One more landlord here!

    Hello fellow PT members!

    I just read this post /forum/showthread.php?30140-Life-as-a-Landlord, which is just one of the reasons I join this forum.

    I am actually a landlord in London, not the popular portrait described in the first reply on the aforementioned thread.

    Looking forward to reading, and commenting useful posts as well as contributing to the community!

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    May 2004


    Welcome Derek. Lots of discussion here in New Zealand about a possible capital gains tax, as we pretty much don't have one at present. Any thoughts as a landlord in a country with a CGT?

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    Sep 2014
    London, UK


    Of course, I'd say I am against the CGT. It's good for the government but I'd generally support the critique of the NZIER. To put it straight, I'd love to be taxed as little as possible. What about the Inheritance tax, does your government discuss this as well?


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