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    Default Vendors suggest pre-settlement inspection on settlement day

    My settlement date is this Friday 12 September and I've emailed the Agent to request a pre-settlement inspection on Thursday morning (the only time I can make this week).

    I've sent a coupe of emails and had not had any response from the Agent so had to call him up just now, and was told that the Vendors dont find Thursday suitable, and suggests me to have it on the settlement date!

    As I understand, if I find any issue with the property or chattels then I'm only entitled to require the damage to be fixed, or compensation for the damage, at least the day before settlement.

    However the Agent insists that I can have the inspection on the settlement date and that's not a problem.

    I asked the Agent to send me an email confirming that the Vendor refuses my inspection on Thursday but he said he will not do it!!!

    Has anyone experienced anything similar? Any advice is really appreciated!

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    What's the advantage of having the inspection done on the Thursday?
    How will doing it on Friday hurt you?
    Say you inspect it on Thursday and it's ok. Then when you move in on Friday you find something missing/wrong, what would you do?
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    It is a bit late now but the sale and purchase agreement actually stipulates that pre-settlement inspection cannot be on day of settlement;

    3.2 If the property is sold with vacant possession, then subject to the rights of any tenants of the property, the vendor shall permit the purchaser or any person authorised by the purchaser in writing, upon reasonable notice:
    (1) to enter the property on one occasion prior to the settlement date for the purposes of examining the property, chattels and fixtures which are included in the sale; and
    (2) to re-enter the property on or before the settlement date to confirm compliance by the vendor with any agreement made by the vendor to carry out any work on the property and the chattels and fixtures.

    Cheers - Philip Reeve - Leaders Real Estate Wellington - 0800 736 291


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