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    Default Can you gib over asbestos ceiling?

    Hi All,
    Just purchased a property which we think has an asbestos ceiling. We will test it once we get settlement. In the meantime id like to know if anyone has gibbed straight over an asbestos ceiling - is this OK to do? We have been advised that this is possible and should be safe. The current state of the ceiling is in perfect condition just looks old.

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    I'd have it removed. You're going to have to gib the ceiling regardless, so why have the worry of it remaining, plus you're creating a larger 'mare for the next owner, not to mention confusion. "I see gib - therefore not asbestos - awesome, let's cut into it then to fit this new light - hey, what are those fine filaments settling on my lung tissue causing cancer?"

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    Yes you can.

    No you shouldn't.

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    paint it - asbestos is fine so long as you don't disturb it.

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    I reckon gib is going to be more expensive myself but happy to be proven otherwise as I have a 230m2 house full of it, to do on 5/9.

    BTW my sample tested positive and they took only a day to do it, cost $100.
    2 weeks faster and $200 cheaper than when I did it in 2001.

    I have done about 3 or 4 of these asbestos ceilings, well organised them to be done.

    The proper people might charge you around 5k to 8k to remove it on an average sized house, but I head QUOTE: "The hard arsed Russians do it cheap" : END QUOTE.
    Not that I have ever used the russian mafia.

    My Pakistani mafia have rollered over a couple with a pigmented sealer I think, and then just painted, and it looks very good and very stable.
    And fix's the other problem with textured ceiling in that you cant wipe mould out of it, and it collects smoke and makes the house look dark.

    In one house, my painters said the textured ceiling started falling off when they tried rollering it, so they just stripped it all off and painted it.
    They told me this after they had done the job, and I didnt ask any more questions.

    This time I have confirmed they are doing all the right things to the site, and to protect themselves.
    They told me they do lots of this.

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    In the 70's when my parents put this into our house.
    My mum couldnt cook so she bought fish and chips and dropped on the ground amidst all the dust and we had a feed.

    I like to think that eating it means its got no chance of getting in your lungs.

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    Have you considered getting a good mask, scraping it off, and repainting? ... or is that illegal? ...what would the mafia do?
    ...there's no future in working

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    get in the professionals and do it properly

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    Quote Originally Posted by DBrown View Post
    Have you considered getting a good mask, scraping it off, and repainting? ... or is that illegal?
    The collection and disposal also needs to be done safely.
    It shouldn't be left to the DIYer.
    Last edited by speights boy; 03-08-2014 at 04:16 PM.

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    To be completely up front, I happen to own a large shareholding in an asbestos management firm...however that has absolutely no bearing on what I type here. Don't mess around with asbestos, get it done professionally and properly, the risks are just not worth it. Some people get lucky and live with it all their lives and some people suffer very painfully very quickly from limited exposure.
    Get Dowdell & Associates to test the ceiling and confirm that it is asbestos, and then ask them to recommend some companies to give you a quote for removal. Dowdell's will charge about $110-$120 for a test confirmation and they will only recommend companies with good track records. DO NOT DO IT YOURSELF. You will also struggle with disposal (done correctly) if you do try on your own.


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