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    Default Surveys via the Internet

    Many times, I've wondered if most surveys are designed to get
    the answers the survey company thinks their customer wants.

    The idiotic questions and stupid set-up in some beggar belief.

    "Thank you - you may now close your browser" at the end
    seems to show that the survey IT folks are so far behind the
    times that they don't know about tabbed browsing.

    Options for "why did you choose the brand you did" don't have
    a "it was the only one available" answer option.

    Any people in that industry on PT?

    If so, perhaps you could explain why survey monkeys seem to
    want to personify objects and other similarly stupid questions?

    ******** is a brand you can trust?

    I trust no brand. Trust is a person thing, you know?

    ******* is for smart shoppers?

    Who or what is a smart shopper? Someone who can decode
    advertising spin and BS?

    On and on the fatuous questions go.
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    Nov 2006


    Just done one huh?

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    Sep 2004


    Been doing them for a while, actually. It's amusing
    to see what passes for non-intelligent questions
    and vacuous answer options.

    Although it's a minor compensation, I've probably
    earned around $90-120 in pocket money, so far,
    for my stoic efforts.

    The implicit/explicit presumptions are a bit of a laugh,
    at times, too. It seems that survey companies do
    not see it as at all possible that any household in NZ
    could not have a TV.

    They've also obviously never heard of Rudyard Kipling:

    I have six little serving-men - they taught me all I knew
    Their names are What and Why and When And How and
    Where and Who.
    Want a great looking concrete swimming pool in Hawke's Bay? Designer Pools will do the job for you!


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