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    Default Who owns what property in NZ - check out this site


    You can plug in either a name or an address. Seems to work pretty well.Not sure how long it has been around, it has recently been mentioned on the Trademe Real Estate message board. Some think trust and company ownership is not included, but I did see a couple of company owners on there.
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    Seems both useful and scarey at the same time.

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    Wow - that works a treat.

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    once it was all on a computer registry

    i guess it was only a matter of time

    2 questions

    1 - how long will the site remain open and free?

    2 - will this encourage more people to establish trusts?
    have you defeated them?
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    Looks like a simpler version of property guru as less data under the property details but based off the same LINZ data.

    Can search property owned by trusts same as guru. Ownership of properties is listed under the name of the trustees not by the trust name though.

    Searches companies fine. So couple that with the online companies register and you can look up anyone as long as you know the names of the directors or shareholders.

    Interesting to see if it stays free.
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    This is murky ! It will be great for use by stalkers, spam mail/e-mail generators and the ilk.

    Not sure the use of this information this way is legal, or is left open and uncontrolled. It would be fair for authorsied users to make use of it under specific conditions.

    For example reverse lookups on phone numbers are illegal. As are looks ups on ownership details of vehicle registration plates. I cannot see why address information is easily available.

    Councils allow the option to display ownership information or NOT.

    I presume LINZ, while they provide information from databases to certain providers, have similar rules on use of the titles information they provide.

    I did a WHOIS serach to find who owns the website nzowners.com -- I cannot find out !

    The rich irony is that the site is shown as owned by a company called "Domains By Proxy" which is expressly set up to allow people to own domains names without exposing personal or company ownership details. But it ok for such companies to make personal details such as property owners available as a service.

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    I did some follow on work.

    I think this might be a breach of terms and conditions or a misuse of data issue. LINZ/nzowners.com could be in trouble.

    I think the owners of the site have possibly misunderstood their rights about the data feed and/or not caried out due diligence.

    All sorts of data about NZ people and properties can be found all over google now (simply search for nzowners.com/owners). There is even a "browse owners by alphabet" search !

    Property owners are not going to impressed.

    There is a twitter page for the website https://twitter.com/nzowners

    The NZOWNERS.com website claims in its "About" section that it :

    "....makes the LINZ property ownership records available in an easy to consume format.
    The data is freely available from LINZ, and we also make it freely available to you.

    On the other hand, the LINZ link provided by the site says personal information about any person if found data has to be deleted amended:

    "If the data supplied to you by this LINZ Data Service contains any personal information about any person then LINZ may require you to amend or delete the data (or any part of the data) including any data supplied by you to a third party (whether or not supplied by you in a modified form or compilation), at any time and provide evidence satisfactory to LINZ that the data has been so amended or deleted"
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    as you say

    like back tracking phone + car rego #'s

    it's open for all sorts of abuses

    and should be stopped/limited for the same reasons
    have you defeated them?
    your demons

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    Our company owned properties show up, but trust owned properties don't seem to.
    Really interesting having a look actually, I found out my farm was half in one district, and half in another before the council boundary changed.

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    Total flop in Firefox. Tried a couple of 'known' addresses.
    Same for Chrome and Opera. No address auto-complete,
    either. You lot must've worn the site out before I got to it.

    Got a wee pop-up saying no results found, in Opera.
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