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    Default High Water Usage = P-lab?

    Friend of mine who works for Watercare has this theory - if a property suddenly has a high water usage it's likely it became a P-lab. He says these people always pay on time as they want no spotlight. As the water bills go to landlords or rental managers it should be an easy way to ring the alarm bells on time.

    What do you think? Should we be alerted if tenants suddenly go through a lot of water? I'm no P-cook so can't tell if it really needs that much water to show up on the water bill?

    BTW he adds if they have a high power usage they're probably growing weed...

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    Or it could be a leak.

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    Could indeed be. My question is more the other way - does P lab mean high water usage?

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    P-labs don't use much water. Now, hydroponic dope growing would though.

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    Breeding fish uses a lot of water. Not illegal!

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    Thx. Sounds like the friends theory is false.

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    In the past when i've had excessive water usage from my rentals it has been due to extra people staying there that should not have been there.

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    How much water do you need to water your plants, my gardens (of the veggie variety) are all irrigated 2x day over summer (last water bill $144 includes spa and large padding pool), id imagine indoor plants wouldn't be anything extraordinary unless you have a large warehouse?

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    Hmmm yeah you don't use Tap water to make meth...................
    Things to watch for is stuff like kitty litter when they have no cats, coffee filters or the likes that are tainted red, patches of grass that look like they have been chemically burned. Then the simple things, like glass and plastic bottles with tubing, bottle caps with holes in them, boxes of night and day pills.
    Anyone serious in making or growing taps into the power grid illegally . You have to remember these people make a career out of illegal practices, they know the loop holes.


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