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    Default Wharf end of Beach Haven

    Dear all,

    This is my first post on this forum!
    Wharf end of Beach Haven is good area to purchase the property? We have a 7 year-old boy.
    I would appreciate any opinions from people who are familiar with this area

    Thanks everyone!

    Kind regards.

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    Sep 2012


    Yes it's a lovely area. Anywhere up to the roundabout at aeroview drive on the seaward side of rangatira rd is best. However not sure about the local primary school. Friends chose to send their boy out of zone.

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    Hi Gladdynook, thank you for your kind reply! I appreciated. We know those areas are pretty but we are think a little bid further up like Cresta Ave, Gazelle Ave and Rambler Cres. Is it safe neighborhood? Cheers!

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    Hi, we've lived on the Shephard's park side of Beach Haven for the last 3 years (moved here from central Auckland) and have been loving it. We've never felt unsafe in Beach Haven and in fact, for the first time, we feel part of a community that is really passionate about its suburb. Anywhere coastal in Beach Haven is good and getting better and better. The streets you've mentioned are all good. I have friends who live in Gazelle Ave who really like their neighbours. We have two boys, one of whom will be starting in the local school this year. Originally we considered sending them out of zone, however upon very detailed research we've come to conclude that the local school has some top quality teachers, is involved in the community and that both parents and kids love it.

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    Hi TwoMonkeys,
    thank you so much for your kind response. Your opinion is very much appreciated.

    Best regards,

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    Thanks for sharing your opinion with us but not familiar with this area. If i will get some information about the same, i will let you know.


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