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    HI All,

    Just after some thoughts on what you all think will happen with the new proposed district plan reviews?

    I have a couple of properties in Central Queenstown, one is High density sub zone B and one is sub zone C.

    Under the new plan they will be changing the the three sub zones all to medium density and allowing the following:

    1. Key proposed changes
      High Density Residential zone
      • Replace 3 subzones with one zone (note: Subzone C the lowest density of the 3subzones - will be incorporated into the new Medium Density Zone).
      • For sites classified as ‘flat’, height limit increases from 8m to 12m (ie. From 2 storeysto 3 storeys). Height in relation to boundary controls liberalised.

    [IMG]file:///page1image18640[/IMG] [IMG]file:///page1image18800[/IMG]

    • For sites classified as ‘sloping’, minor additional provision in terms of building height(from 7m up to 8.5m). Will usually enable 3 storeys, but sometimes 4 on steepersites.
    • To complement the more enabling development controls, a ‘Floor Area Ratio’ (FAR)control is introduced for ‘flat’ sites. This rule enables greater building height providedsite coverage is lower. Conversely, greater site coverage is achievable with lowerheight. This rule helps provide both development flexibility and also better amenityprotection.
    • No outdoor space requirement, but a new ‘living space’ requirement that requires acertain amount of living area. It is then up to developers whether that space isprovided only internally, or through a combination of internal and balcony / deckareas. This ensures a certain minimum amount of living space amenity whilstproviding more flexibility. Avoiding mandatory balcony requirements will also betterprovide the opportunity for more affordable apartments to be built.

      Anyone have any experience with changes like this and how it effects land prices?

      In particular down the end of thompson street? Seems like if they allow developers to build higher and use a bigger slice of the section it will increase the land prices?



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    Increasing the high limit has got to add value your'd think ...I here today twenty of so shotover country sections from the latest stage sold overnight ...understood these to be round 500sqm etc

    Bridesdale shoebox development 260sqm land to 500sqm 30+ deposits received .....>>>>>

    Going forward 5-10yrs I'm guessing the next stage will be 30-40sqm units in 3-4 story high apartment blocks in the valley ???

    as we can see Land is everything here that and the higher 1mill+ is the best price to buy a house when you compare what you get for your money ...pay just over twice the price to get 5x-10x larger sized serviced section + 2-4 times the size of house and a much better Quality built home with much better views and likely Capital Gain (as going forward your have 100X more shoe boxes Vs large properties)


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