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    Default A stupid question

    I am having trouble getting suitable information about the NZ real estate market. I have a few magazines and books on order, but am yet to recieve them! So forgive me for my apparent lack of research and due diligence. Could forum members please recommend suitable areas/towns for me to refine my searches for properties.

    This is my criteria:

    *Positive cashflow - 10%+
    *Under $70k
    *2 bed+ Houses on large blocks
    *In towns of more than 20,000 people, preferably with growing population

    Feel free to tell me what you really think, and whether my expectations are realistic/achievable.

    At this point in time, without knowing the NZ market well, I feel as though I am looking for a needle in a haystack.

    I look forward to your responses and will eagerley await your advice.



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    Hi CSD.

    Areas in NZ with a projected pop increase for the 2001-2021 period are:
    Queenstown-Lakes 64% Rodney 50% Tauranga 45%
    Selwyn 42% Manakau 37% Auckland 36%
    Western BOP 36% Waimakariri 36% Waitakere 36%
    Franklin 32% North Shore 31% Kapiti Coast 29%
    hamilton 25% Thames- Corom 20%
    Tasman 19% Papakura 18% Nelson 17%
    Far North 15% Waipa 14% Palmerston Nth 13%
    Wellington 13% Hurunui 13% Marlborough 12%
    Opotiki 10% Christchurch 10% Whangarei 8%
    Rotorua 8% Taupo 8% Banks Peninsula 7%
    Waikato 7% Manawatu 5% Dunedin 4%
    Porirua 3% Hastings 2% Napier -0.4%
    All other areas have a projected pop drop for this period.

    Read what you like into these figures.
    In most towns of 20000 prices are higher than they should be and often the rent does not meet the 10% +cashflow.

    Check the web sites in the Property Library Links for the NZ Stats site to further your research.


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    I like the look of Tauranga in that projection. I hope the work that Tauranga district council are putting into roading and services will meet these projected demands.

    10% yielding properties in that area are extremely rare in the current climate. To achieve around the 10% mark you have to have a bit of foresight and creativity or be "Johnny on the spot".

    Happy hunting.


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    Wow Muppet, thanks for the detailed response. Much appreciated Like I said I don't have much information at the moment but am slowly building up my research and getting my head around the NZ market. Thanks Marcus for the yielding info.


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