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    Auckland, New Zealand.

    Thumbs up Roofing Contractors

    Hi - I was hoping to utilise the collective knowledge of the members of this site to find a contractor to repair/replace our roof.

    We have a decramastic (bitumen on tin) tile roof that is quite old with some bald spots and dents. Looking at 3 main options:

    - prep/repair/paint
    - prep/repair/reseal
    - replace

    We are based in Orewa and the house is 70sqm. Does anyone have a contractor that they can recommend, ideally someone they have used personally.

    I called Edwards & Hardy today, they said they couldn't get anyone around for four weeks to quote the job...I had been recommended them but am motivated to get a quote sooner for budgeting reasons.

    Any advice/referrals appreciated. Would appreciate a reason why you recommend them also.


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    Im a builder and have used Cooper roofing to install Gerrard tiles on 5 new homes in Millwater this year , they have done a great job at a good price.

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    Try http://www.paintersalbany.co.nz/ - the guy who owns it is a client of mine. Been no trouble as a client!

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    Those type of roofs are a real problem. I have one on a property, an on-going source of leaks.

    Some careless person wandering around on such a roof without knowing where the strong points are can do real damage.

    For the long term, replace the roof with something more durable.

    I have tried several 'experts' who always make promises, but end up walking away.
    if you do find the miracle cure, i'd love to hear about it.

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    Nov 2008


    Ive sprayed a number of decramastic roofs.
    Main points
    You can extend the life by spraying with a good quality low sheen roof paint (after cleaning)provided there is not much rust and it is in decent shape (not leaking) But the areas where the chips are worn off will come out a bit glossier--If this bothers you cosmetically then maybe replace.
    Another point--whoever does this work must be familiar with the fact that they will dent in if you step other than where the sections overlap(not in the middle) ( a big guy who is inexperienced can definitely cause damage)
    The new coating will keep additional chips from coming off (and filling up gutters and eventually causing roof to fail)

    Good luck


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