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    Default Landor Associates Review: Dyman Foam Diamond in the Rough

    Looking at the website of Dyman Foam, one thinks he is looking at a work in progress for obvious reasons. First of all, the colors appear to clash and create an optical tension instead of allowing the viewer to read comfortably. The use of primary colors -- yellow, blue and red obviously causes this visual confusion and does not provide an inviting scenario.

    Secondly, the use of only one font (Arial, presumably) does not provide variety and contrast which is essential in making copies not only come out as interesting but also supportive of the variety of products being promoted.

    Thirdly, the use of only blue color for the text font all the way again does not provide variety and relief from the monotonous color set on the same white background.

    Finally, the website could gain a lot of improvement with some layout redesign. Some boxes or lines to separate sections and photos in each section will display a more interesting and informative homepage. Line and letter spacing (particularly in the Technical Specs page and others) could also stand some adjustments in order to avoid visual disorientation for lack of overall uniformity or consistency.

    That being said, the website does contain a very essential info on the product that is worth bragging about because of its versatility. Too bad the website, at first glance, does not help support that quality. In fact, the first impression that any well-experienced graphic artist would say is that the company belongs to a Chinese owner or founder. What with the predominantly red and yellow colors splashed on the masthead. Furthermore, the diamond line drawing is historically and generally connected to a Chinese tool manufacturer with the same name.

    The video provides some dynamism and appeal to the otherwise static homepage. More video clips could help make the other pages worth visiting and even referring to friends and other parties.

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    I agree with the observations. A lot of improvement can be done to make the website more appealing.

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    where do all the newbies come from???


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