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    Default Prisoners build home

    more of this please

    In a New Zealand first, a house built inside jail entirely by prisoners has been lifted over the wire of Ngawha Prison for a needy Northland family.

    A 100-tonne crane lifted the three-bedroom home first over a tall wire fence into a "sterile zone" yesterday, then over an even higher perimeter wall.

    The three-way project between Corrections, Habitat for Humanity and NorthTec will give a deserving family a home they can afford while also giving prisoners qualifications and cutting their risk of reoffending once they are released.

    have you defeated them?
    your demons

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    looks like a win all round.

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    Yes, I agree, a win all around for those involved. Great for these guys to get some skills on board that might assist them with life outside. Society throws enough road blocks at these guys when they get out, great to see them equipped with at least some of the work skills !


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