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    Default Condition: Cutting Through The C***

    Before renting or buying, the condition of the property you are signing up to is desperately important. Look beyond the glossy brochure and agents descriptions since the cost of putting an office or restaurant in to usable shape may be prohibitive.

    One of the most popular agents in London in the 1960s was a colorful character who made a great success by describing a building in a honest fashion. None of the usual 'everything is wonderful' scenarios as happens today. He would talk about dodgy plumbing, leaking roofs, and rotten timbers in his advertisements in the London Sunday Times. This refreshing approach drew queues of viewers, none of them deterred by the negative, rather most curious to see the object of his review.

    The real point? Get representation by a good agent with experience of the city you are interested in and a handle on reality. What may look good on print, may only serve to 'paper' over the cracks!


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