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    Default What is Consent Value?

    Hi, just getting a rebuild done in Christchurch, I note on a monthly council list of consents granted (first time perusing such things) a heading, "Consent Value". My builder has put a value that is nearly $200,000 less than in the building contract. When I asked by email, the project manager said it was because things like landscaping aren't included. Okay, so there's that, scaffolding, demolition, site tidying up, access, power supply - but how does that add up to nearly $200,000? Just wondering what Consent Value actually comprises and if anyone can shed any light? Thanks.

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    Probably doesn't add up to 200k but that won't matter. It's probably more to do with his costs rather than your costs. The 200k less site costs, power supply etc is his profit. Anyhow the fee for a higher consent value will be higher, so better to keep it lower.

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    The building consent fees are levied by BRANZ as a percentage of stated value, it is not uncommon for the people applying for building consent to understate the value of work to help reduce these fees. In Auckland the council know this and try and tell you what the value should be and don't accept artificially low figures. Hope this Helps.

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    Jumpin and Ben; thanks for this. Lower fees, and the profit margin - ok, I can understand. I'd had some vague, ill-thought-out fear that may be between the builder and the insurance company, and what with my own contribution to "betterment", I was being misled as to actual pricing...but I can see now it is more to do with builder's costs...Separately, I wonder how this affects resale...eg some potential purchaser who is fanatical on due diligence, sees the Consent Value that is listed historically, then does a double-take at the asking price when it is put up for sale, wonders how it is justified? And of course, when you consider how the overall value of Consent Values is calculated for purposes of Key Economic Indicators for the nation, if other builders are doing this too, it indicates much more money is pouring into the Christchurch rebuild than is being captured statistically.

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    the consent value is as low as you can get away with to keep the fee down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wayne View Post
    the consent value is as low as you can get away with to keep the fee down.
    Old thread but current subject for some. The consent for a project up to 5k is around $1200 then the next step for a 10k project consent cost around $1700. If its DIY to a large degree these figures should run on the lower side.

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    chch fees afrre here....

    there is a deposit of 2000 for value up to 200k and then it goes to 2800 to 300K? the calculation of actual costs including inspections to come is done later?

    but this is just a deposit and fees are recalculated when consent issued unless you are into the streamlined process when fixed fee applies.

    Could someone clarify....I have been told that the value of work is provided to QV to add to Improvement value and if you undervalue you may distort true value of IV is this correct?


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