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    Default Mortgage broker recommendation, ChCh?

    Hi all, we're close to closing on our next property but the current lender, NZ Home Loans, is being a little risk averse on a couple of matters, one of which is TC3.

    We've got Westpac on the case, but would you have an independent mortgage broker that you would like to recommend to us as we're keen to test a few avenues. Although NZHL have been useful to date, I think a change will do us good.

    Cheers in advance.

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    All of New Zealand


    Tony Monce would be a good start
    Financial Paramedics

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    Hi Wiz

    Call Brent at Focus Financial 0800 334 338 or027 542 3833/ [email protected]
    Use my name he loves me really! Hmm think we need to catch up for a coffee and see who else I have as a contact that can be of use? Give me a shout at work.

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    Haha, nice one Kaye. Will follow up with Brent today. And cheers for the heads up Brokerman.

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    My recommendation would be Jody at Zebra Mortgages. Found her to be great to deal with tbh


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