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    Default Which are the Best Yield property Investment Areas in UK?

    Which are the Best Yield property Investment Areas in UK?

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    The experts say that in the current era the student accommodation is one of the best property sector to invest in because it is estimated that the rental income of the landlords are up by 10% during the last couple of years.

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    Blackpool, Slough, Liverpool, Oxford, Hounslow, Enfield, Southampton and Portsmouth are the hotspots for investors looking for the best returns.

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    Why Portsmouth. I'm from Portsmouth and am currently looking for my first house, I say a house and not a home. Just looking to get on the ladder, then rent it when giving permission. I've been looking at student houses, but needing a (hmo license) and been told even planning permission. I'm guessing it's getting tougher to change the building use maybe due to increased investment in student housing from the council? THinking I may of missed my chance.

    I did view a house, it was selling for £150k. Had leaks everywhere ( both chimney and rising damp on entire party wall) and just the typical un-cared for feel. I have put in an offer of £120k but not getting my hopes up!

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    I'd say towns with smaller universities as the number of students is increasing a lot of people have focused on the areas where the major universities can be found.

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    Midlands and North England are showing great yields and growth.

    Be wary of student accommodation, it's an extremely saturated market and exiting can be difficult.


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