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    Default Buy A Property in Phuket Thailand

    What are the best ways to purchase a property in phuket Thailand? Kindly share your suggestions. Thanks in advance.

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    As you may know, you can not buy land in Thailand but can own an apartment on the 2nd floor up.

    But you can buy land / house on a 30 year lease deal or through a company.

    The expat owners of 'The bar with no name' on karon beach should be able to help you in your steps.

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    I know alot of expats that have come unstuck buying with their Thai partners so just make sure you dont go that route.
    Most long time travelers to Thailand avoid Phuket but each to his own.
    The main beach areas are getting built up to almost the point of decay. But its a big Island.
    Ive been told (and seen a bit of evidence) of a pretty strong infrastructure of whats called ''Thai Mafia'' especially in the transportation industry--not trying to put you off but the more info -the better.
    I still go regularly but have found the North suits me better now--best of luck

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    why buy when you could rent very cheaply?
    i agree with skid here.
    I lived in Thailand for 6 years in Chiang Mai and most properties havent increased in value like it has here.
    biggest mafia going around are the boys in brown.....and im not joking

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    but my advice if you still want to buy in Thailand would be to ask your question on a forum named "Thaivisa" (im a member on there with the same name as here)biggest expat forum in the world, there you will get loads of answers specifically to where you want to buy as well, as there is a huge expat community in phuket

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    Normally, there are 2 ways, Freehold and Leasehold.
    Freehold is you own property under your name.
    Leasehold is you lease property for 30 years.

    the property such as Villa you can lease for 30 years - 90 years, however for condominium you can buy for both way

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    There is time share investment where you can enjoy free stay and also get to share the profit with the developer once you invest in it

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    Quote Originally Posted by lynton View Post
    There is time share investment where you can enjoy free stay and also get to share the profit with the developer once you invest in it
    And in real life you pay the developer and get nothing in return....

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    heard a lot of timeshare investment and villa for sale over there.


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