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    Default Boundary Fence blown down in Auckland Storms - insurance claim between neighbours ?

    Okay so in the storms a fence has blown down.
    The neighbour and me agreed to pay 50/50.

    We may find someone to repair if they can do for a good price.

    But it may be more than our insurance excess (s).

    How do we go about doing a claim, are 2 claims done and 2 excesses paid.
    Or is just on person putting in a claim.

    And then there is the issue of what is replaced and how much they assess the fence to have been in dis-repair before the wind blew it down.

    My insurance agent is looking at it.
    But I thought maybe someone had some first hand knowledge of how this works.

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    I though that fences belonged to either, or, not both. In the UK it use to be tradition for each home owner the build the left fence (looking from the front). If you've agreed to go 50/50 that's great but I would think it would be down to the actual owner to make the claim and go halves on the excess.

    Hijacking the thread slightly (or completely)... There was a fence blown down here in the Wellington storm 20 June. After a week I had assumed the poor owners were probably uninsured as repairs were all but complete on all other storm damaged properties in the area. After about the third week I had come to the conclusion that it was probably a rental property hence the lack of interest of getting the fence repaired. For almost 3 months the fence remained half laying flat on the garden and half precariously perched on the lone tree in front of the house. Last week the fence was rebuild!! There is now a "for rent" sign hanging on said fence. I wonder if the owner was more proactive they might not be needing to look for new tenants? Or do I just jump to conclusions too much?


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