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    Default Home Designs Tips

    Hey folks.
    I need to make some changes in my bedroom.
    But i am tight over budget. I have really a small budget. My bedroom is looking like a fixer upper now !
    So i thought i will be making some artistic work myself in my bedroom.
    Any tips, helpful links ?

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    Can you give us some more details about your room?
    Wallpaper or painted walls, does it have horrible carpet, or floorboards, is it a big huge room with high ceilings or a small dark bedroom? Any chimneys or fireplaces, is the house a villa, a bungalow, a state house?

    If you can describe it a bit better, we can help with suggestions that will work for that room.

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    Wallpaper or painted walls : Painted walls
    does it have horrible carpet, or floorboards: floorboards
    , is it a big huge room with high ceilings or a small dark bedroom? Huge room but with limited height ceilings
    Any chimneys or fireplaces: yes it has a cinmey
    , is the house a villa, a bungalow, a state house?
    A bungalow

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    Thanks for sharing information,your information are very helpful for me and increase my knowledge.

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    Adding different types of mirror and lamps can really make your bedroom look outstanding and there are some other changes also which can be done like changing the curtain, color, adding rugs and cabinets, wall paper can enhance your bedroom look more.

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    Use different colors, find new 2014 home decor ideas and use luxury item.

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    Thanks. using rugs really made it look better. But i need to ask what type of wallpapers i should use for the empty walls as the ceiling height is not too much or i should use some wall murals also.
    just have a look at this bedroom.

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    Add some wall murals as it will really make your bedroom stand out, so just go for it and add more beauty to it.

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    I agree I wouldn't wallpaper your walls, add some standout pieces and if they don't work you don't have to spend a lot of money redecorating the whole room

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    There are not specific home design tips because everyone has their own taste and requirement. Checkout some good interior designs online and from there you can select and implement the design.


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