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Thread: Martin Jet Pack

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    May 2008


    The video look cool but I don't understand how it works.
    I would expect that hoverboard to be unstable but it doesn't seem to be.
    So a remarkable invention.
    But perhaps a bit too remarkable.
    I would expect widespread coverage of it in newspapers and tv.
    But I've only seen this one video on Youtube posted several times.
    Is it for sale anywhere? - Or why not?

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    Sep 2008


    haven't seen anyone flying at 10,000' either!
    have you defeated them?
    your demons

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    May 2008

    Default The Martin Jet Pack never got off the ground

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    Sep 2004


    Another one of these productive enterprises that PIs ought to be investing in, eh what?

    Unfortunately, it was a flop from the start.
    A jet pack that did not have a jet?

    Even the successful ones have yet to solve the power failure problem.

    Whether jet-powered back-pack, or anti-gravity sled (or whatever), if something goes wrong while scooting along at 200 feet all such splendid-idea-things have the gliding abilities of a brick outhouse.

    Things would be very messy at the point of ground impact.
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