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    Default BNZ says my house is listed as leaky in their database

    I am selling a property, a 1990's hardiplank weatherboard house, one of the three bedroom 80sqm ones.
    A prospective buyer banks with BNZ who told the buyer my house is listed as a leaky home.

    I asked for clarification and the bank has come back with this:

    For the leaky Home check, yes it is a database that only we internally have access to. We also use the certificate of title # to check on this, in this case it is : XXXXXXXXX.

    This does not mean that the house is leaky but could mean that his house was either build in the leaky home era or there has been a house in the area that has been notified as leaky not necessarily this house.

    If the home was build in the 1990's to 2000's and it has monolithic cladding it could possibly have some problems. It would be in the best interest for you to arrange a building inspector here in NZ, who has a moisture meter and he would go around the house and provide moisture levels to confirm that everything is okay and then they can provide you with a report for the same and we can keep that report on your file saying that this check has been done.

    I certainly havenít had any problems in the 7 years I have had the place but it sounds like have a fairly loose criteria for loading houses into the database, such as being built in a certain era or someone in the neighborhood has had a leaky house.

    My house isn't monolithic clad but I'm not sure if they are suggesting that or offering more information on leaky homes in general.

    Has anyone encountered this before?

    Do I have any rights or is my house guilty until proven innocent at the expense of a building inspector?
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    That really sucks. I would wager that even if you got an inspection, that is general advice only, and the bank wouldn't alter the db. In fact, I'd bet the db is from some 3rd party, sold to the bank. If the criteria is that a neighbour or other house in the street might be leaky then that just about makes every home in NZ, barring entirely new subdivisions, as leaky. The bank needs a kick up the arse on this.

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    I know crazy isn't it - obviously it was enough to scare the buyer off.
    It’s almost slanderous.

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    The buyer is a fool. Everyone knows what makes a construction leaky, or at risk of leaking, and a 90's hardiplank place is certainly NOT that. You didn't want to sell to that mong in any case. :-)

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    Pretty sure they are basing it off year built, my home is brick and tile and cos it was built 1996 was flagged on their system as well when refinanced. Basically they don't care if you buy leaky so long as you can service the loan - so if leaky need bigger deposit.

    The main reason houses leak is dodgy construction, defective design and lack of maintenance.

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    I find it helps when you have a builders inspection report to distribute to prospective buyers.

    I would try to have the banks DB updated while giving out the report to people (via the agent).

    Good luck!
    IT Solution Architect by day.....property investor by night. All i need now is the bank as my butler and a cave with high capital gains.

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    Cool thanks everone for the support.

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    Auckland City, why invest else where?


    Just wait for another buyer or ask the buyer to do a building inspection report to proof the bank wrong.

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    Its a cheap rental investment no one including me wants to waste money on a building insepction report, easier to move on to another house.


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