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    John, I agree that Council Inspectors can't be held responsible for untreated timber and perhaps not for the cladding that was an accepted method in the late nineties, but with our building it has been discovered that
    (I can't remember the terms that apply) - whatever is supposed to support the roof and also the floors in some blocks, was never installed or was done so incorrectly. Surely these are the very things that inspectors are supposed to identify. These are the issues that have caused our repairs to take longer and are now more costly because they were only discovered after work started on the building.

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    experts are experts at making alot out of not very much. I would trust them as far as you can throw their fees

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    John the builder, I have a not too dissimilar situation to marief. I have been doing my research into the Unit Titles Act and have spoken to a number of people with regard to how maintenance costs should be split between BC members but we are no further along than a year ago.

    You seem to have a very good understanding of what is involved. I would very much appreciate your advice!


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