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    Default Who is it? The best investor in real estate bought 100+ houses in one year

    Hey guys, I received an email from a barfoot agent last week, he mentioned about "The best investor I have ever seen during my 19 years in real estate bought 100 + houses in real estate in one year ( I won't be mention his name but we are good friends)"

    Does any have a clue who his friend is? I asked for the name but he refused to mention and it is not Don Ha, not Sean Wood etc.

    "Hello xxx

    How are things going with you? I hope all is well. The market is still fizzing and still climbing, mortgage interest rates have come down 4.95% which is great for investors and FHBs. What I am seeing at the moment is the buyers are missing out on opportunities as they want to think about it over night and by the following day, someone else has made an offer on the same property. They are also chasing the market up meaning they are making making offers on houses that would have worked two years ago and missing out on an oppotunity instead of getting on the wave. The best investor I have ever seen during my 19 years in real estate bought 100 + houses in real estate in one year ( I won't be mention his name but we are good friends) What an amazing, man he taught me how to negotiate and sell him houses to him in my first few years in real estate. He said to me it is all about asking the right questions Tama when dealing w ith agents and finding the right one you can work that understood his systems and process. That's it from me let me know if I can help you with anything regarding real estate also please find attached properties matching your requirements.

    If you would like to arrange a private inspection to view any of these properties you can call me or simply reply to this email.

    Kind Regards,

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    sounds like bollocks to me

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    I confess.

    It was me.

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    Auckland City, why invest else where?


    Who cares lol.

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    Huh? I thought the agent was supposed to work for the vendor

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    They work for Lord Rutherford

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    Jul 2011



    or just wait patiently and soon there might be a book out titled "how i purchased 100+ properties in 1 year"............

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    Didn't the Council buy up some Houses for a roading project???

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    I am on Tama's mailing list for properties and got the same email.

    I think its that guy that is in the Property Magazine and did some talks for APIA.
    The guy who was a financial controller and quit to become a full time investor.

    I know I have teh name wrong but its close to with "Keish Maharaja"

    Other candidates, could be

    David Whitburn the APIA president (AKA "TAS" The APIA Spammer).
    Rong Hong Hong Fuey ?

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    An exaggerated description of a local area portfolio manager for Housing New Zealand?


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