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View Poll Results: Do you (LL) clean the outside of the windows in residential tenancies?

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    Default What is the definition of "reasonably clean and tidy"?

    I've been left extremely upset after an inspection today, and I'm trying to put together what I can do about it.

    I've been renting my property in Henderson, Auckland for more than three years with no problems, but today during an inspection my landlord absolutely flipped his lid!

    He told me that my house was "f***ing filthy" and yelled at me for a good ten minutes before I ended up having to practically throw him out of my house. I don't understand, because my house was more than reasonably clean and tidy. More weird is the fact that it was cleaner than the last time he did an inspection.

    He complained because:
    - There was dust on the skirting boards.
    - The oven hasn't been cleaned for a while.
    - The outside of the windows hasn't been washed for a while.

    It's the middle of winter, and my entire household works full time! I don't know how he expects us to be outside in this freezing, stormy weather getting soaking wet and catching a cold cleaning the windows, and we don't even use the oven.

    I feel really upset by the whole thing. He even went through my cupboards and reamed me out over a 'grease stain' underneath one of my clean teacups. How dare he! Is he even allowed to go through my cupboards??

    He's never done this before. I just don't know what to do. When he was yelling at me he told me that I have no legal grounds to stand on, and that I should just hand in my notice and get out. I've never even missed a single rental payment, and we always pay our water rates on time.

    What do I do?

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    It sounds to me like there is something else going on and maybe he took it out on you. Maybe wait a few days and then approach him to find out what is going on. The fact he is telling you to hand in your notice tells me something is up. If a tenant wants to leave then they only have to give 21 days notice, if a landlord wants a tenant to leave they have to give 90 days notice. It seems he is trying to make you want to leave so he can get access to the property early for some reason.

    From my understanding reasonably clean and tidy means that you do clean and often. I.e. you are not going to cause damage to the property through neglecting to clean the property.

    Here is the Residential Tenancies Act 1986 for you to view http://legislation.govt.nz/act/publi...78.html?src=qs

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    Yeah it definitely sounds like there is something else that is causing this behaviour. I've seen the same sort of thing happen with tenants who are under sudden financial/marital/drug-squad stress.

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    A really bad hair day for the landlord.

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    Ignore him until he puts it in writing.

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    Are you paying less than market rent? Assuming you are on a periodic tenancy, LL may want you to leave so he can relet and increase rent. Though he can increase rent anyway with 60 days notice. Or he may be losing it for some other reason, maybe nothing to do with you.

    For whatever reason, it seems the relationship could be heading down hill. You may never get to the Tenancy Tribunal but suggest you begin to protect yourself in case it all ends badly. First, take dated photos now of all the issues raised, and some general pics to show the overall condition. All communications from now on to be in writing, or confirmed by you in writing. Email is best. Make sure you get a copy of yesterday's inspection report, and put your response in writing (calmly). You need to put in writing that the LL told you to give notice, and why.

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    And keep a diary of any communication you have with the LL - just in case.

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    I'm glad to read that everyond seems to agree that something wonky is going on. Now that I think about it, this has come up in the wake of my putting up a fight over his wanting to increase the rent again.

    We are currently paying substantially more than market rates for an average two bedroom unit in a horrid, gang land area, but he keeps sending me "evidence" that he should put the rent up based off three bedroom freestanding homes in much nicer areas! I let him get away with it last time, but this time I fought back with evidence that we're already paying too much.

    Way uncool, mr landlord.

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    He is legally allowed to increase the rent (by giving proper notice) to whatever level he wishes.
    The only restriction is that he cannot charge a significantly higher than market rent for that type of property in that area.

    Of course you are also legally allowed to depart (by giving proper notice) to another property that is more reasonably priced.

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    Okay, so I just got the following letters, all in the same envelope, all dated 04/06/13:

    * A 14 day breach notice instructing us to clean all windows inside and out, clean the laundry, bathroom and toilet (which FYI was already done BEFORE the inspection), thoroughly clean the stove, and remove all cobwebs from walls and ceilings. This letter advises the work must be done by 19/06/13.

    *A notice of inspection on the 10th of June, only six days after the notice was written, advising that he's going to "make Building & Housing New Zealand terminate the tenancy" if the work is not carried out. So he's not even giving us the 14 days required in the breach notice!


    I don't even know what to think. We're the nicest tenants ever. The house was CLEAN. I've taken photos, you can't see any freaking dirt. We've never even ONCE missed a rental payment, and we always pay back our water rates on time. This guy is nuts! Surely he can't do this to me!


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