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    the anti smacking bill hasn't stopped some of our indigenous folk from beating their babies to death but it has resulted in some good parents getting into strife with John Law for giving their kids a quick reminder of who is the boss.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Perry View Post
    Any suggestions for a remedy?
    I wish I could offer some better suggestions. Perhaps requiring prime-time, on-air retractions for inaccuracies from the media would work. I don't think we can expect any improvement in their standards! As for the political opposition... we have the same problem with our adversarial legal system. Everyone is trying to win rather than get the best result.

    Quote Originally Posted by Perry View Post
    And why do think that's the position?
    It's just a guess really... based on what I see here. Surely... surely... the Swiss doesn't idolise their equivalent of rugby players, drinking, recreational drugs and benefit fraud as much as we do here!


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